TorahBytes is a short, weekly biblical commentary written and produced by Alan Gilman.

Torah means teaching. It is the teaching of God to point us in the right direction. In its most narrow sense, the Torah is the first five books of the Hebrew Bible. The ancient rabbis recognized that Torah was more than just these Five Books. God’s Torah encompasses all of God’s revelation.

With this understanding we will draw primarily from the weekly synagogue Torah portions. While the Five Books are foundational in our understanding of God, we need to understand them in the fuller context of the whole Scripture, both Old and New Covenant writings.

From time to time, the week’s commentary will be based on the Haftarah portion. Haftarah, meaning “completion,” are passages taken from the Nevi-im (Prophets) section of the Hebrew Bible. The Haftarah readings were chosen because the ancient scholars found in them something relevant to the weekly Torah readings. The passages selected as the Haftarah readings are the same each year. On some weeks, due to a special occasion, such as a feast day, the regularly scheduled Haftarah will be replaced by a special reading for that occasion.

TorahBytes is written from a messianic perspective, meaning that our understanding of the Torah is in light of the coming of the Messiah, Yeshua of Nazareth. Yeshua came as promised in the Hebrew Scriptures. It is through faith in him, his death and his resurrection, that we know God as he intended, free from sin and the threat of condemnation.

Alan Gilman

Alan has known Yeshua (Jesus) as his Messiah since 1976. He and his wife, Robin, also a Jewish believer, have been married for almost forty years and have ten children and four grandchildren. Alan is a Bible Teacher and writer.

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